Eldorok 1

The group comes together, but 1 has disappeared...

Lord Phatt struck a deal with us, we needed to go to the bandit camp and return a Chalice from Blackblood that was dear to him. If we did this, we woud be forgiven for our crimes and be released from jail.
We traveled North and ran into an NPC named Silas, a mysterious hooded figure who seemed sickly and frail. Wearing a strange mask. He asked us to retrieve a box with his tobacco for him, and that we would get our just rewards. It was just east of where we were. We agreed, because he also knew of the location of the bandit camp, which he included with our reward.
We did stealth into the woods finding a cabin. Two great doors in the front, and a cellar door. Chratis used his ghost hand to open the door. Which activated two gargoyles sitting next to the doors. A longer than usual battle ensued with us slaying the two. We ventured in.
Blood led into a room we investigated to find two corpses with burnt bite marks which appeared to be K-9 in origin. We went back into the main room and investigated two of four suits of armor, the second animated. And two hell hounds burst from a fireplace in the third room.
Our Paladin landing a command spell on the armor, making it attack one of the hell hounds. Now, these two hell hounds and the armor fought, while we took pop shots at one of the hell hounds. Titan checked a bookcase while we waited, and found a secret door that led to the cellar. The armor killed one and was dispatched by the other.
When this happened, Titan burst through the wall and in one strike slayed the other, last hell hound. The other two armors were just ornate in nature. Chratis sent his owl down into the cellar and it was quickly eaten by one of three chests surrounding a firepit. We went down and killed two of three “chests” finding Silas’ box. Which was odd, because the cellar door unlocked and he came into the cellar. And approached Titan asking for what was his.
Titan handed it over. And a small Fairy dragon came out after a few words from Silas and flew into his right sleeve. Silas then pulled a deck of cards out and told us each to draw a card to receive our reward. Some were debuffed in bad way, for only a day. Some were changed in other ways permanently.
And with that, he quickly vanished. we rested and came out of the cellar. A mysterious path north of the cabin was there that was not before. Trees, vegetation bowed out of the way. Upon investigation, nothing physical seemed to cause this. We chalked it up to Silas keeping to his word. We carefully proceeded north. As we traveled, we heard a familiar scream. The group wanted to investigate, Titan disagreed, as it wasn’t part of the mission. They persuaded Titan to at least send the owl, after all, it could be the bandit camp. So we did.
A manticore was attacking the Melee Barkeep Vill with his wagon of goods. We all decided to leave him to the manticore, and return later for the goods, and kept north. We found the bandit camp. Fortified and had 2 sentries standing guard, and a third in a tower asleep. We silently killed the two guards at the gate. Then hastily took down the tower guard. We then lured more out and ambushed them. We killed 12 bandits and 2 beserkers. But our Paladin was struck in the eye by an arrow, that will require us to seek him aid elsewhere. A cursed berserker axe was found and Sin claimed it. Chratis was not feeling well and returned to town. The rest of the group went to a larger area of the camp and faced Blackblood, our paladin convincing him to duel only him. While the rest of us fought large Mastiffs and two veteran bandits. The fight with the veterans was not going well, but our paladin dispatched of Blackblood.
The two veterans, seeing their boss being killed, decided no pay, no stay. They tried to leave, and we didn’t let them. We missed ALL opportunity attacks. They disengaged and left anyway. Titan retrieved Blackbloods sword, as well as Phatt’s chalice. And some other goodies. And that’s where we are currently, in Blackbloods large tent. Resting.



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