Eldorok 1
The group comes together, but 1 has disappeared...

Lord Phatt struck a deal with us, we needed to go to the bandit camp and return a Chalice from Blackblood that was dear to him. If we did this, we woud be forgiven for our crimes and be released from jail.
We traveled North and ran into an NPC named Silas, a mysterious hooded figure who seemed sickly and frail. Wearing a strange mask. He asked us to retrieve a box with his tobacco for him, and that we would get our just rewards. It was just east of where we were. We agreed, because he also knew of the location of the bandit camp, which he included with our reward.
We did stealth into the woods finding a cabin. Two great doors in the front, and a cellar door. Chratis used his ghost hand to open the door. Which activated two gargoyles sitting next to the doors. A longer than usual battle ensued with us slaying the two. We ventured in.
Blood led into a room we investigated to find two corpses with burnt bite marks which appeared to be K-9 in origin. We went back into the main room and investigated two of four suits of armor, the second animated. And two hell hounds burst from a fireplace in the third room.
Our Paladin landing a command spell on the armor, making it attack one of the hell hounds. Now, these two hell hounds and the armor fought, while we took pop shots at one of the hell hounds. Titan checked a bookcase while we waited, and found a secret door that led to the cellar. The armor killed one and was dispatched by the other.
When this happened, Titan burst through the wall and in one strike slayed the other, last hell hound. The other two armors were just ornate in nature. Chratis sent his owl down into the cellar and it was quickly eaten by one of three chests surrounding a firepit. We went down and killed two of three “chests” finding Silas’ box. Which was odd, because the cellar door unlocked and he came into the cellar. And approached Titan asking for what was his.
Titan handed it over. And a small Fairy dragon came out after a few words from Silas and flew into his right sleeve. Silas then pulled a deck of cards out and told us each to draw a card to receive our reward. Some were debuffed in bad way, for only a day. Some were changed in other ways permanently.
And with that, he quickly vanished. we rested and came out of the cellar. A mysterious path north of the cabin was there that was not before. Trees, vegetation bowed out of the way. Upon investigation, nothing physical seemed to cause this. We chalked it up to Silas keeping to his word. We carefully proceeded north. As we traveled, we heard a familiar scream. The group wanted to investigate, Titan disagreed, as it wasn’t part of the mission. They persuaded Titan to at least send the owl, after all, it could be the bandit camp. So we did.
A manticore was attacking the Melee Barkeep Vill with his wagon of goods. We all decided to leave him to the manticore, and return later for the goods, and kept north. We found the bandit camp. Fortified and had 2 sentries standing guard, and a third in a tower asleep. We silently killed the two guards at the gate. Then hastily took down the tower guard. We then lured more out and ambushed them. We killed 12 bandits and 2 beserkers. But our Paladin was struck in the eye by an arrow, that will require us to seek him aid elsewhere. A cursed berserker axe was found and Sin claimed it. Chratis was not feeling well and returned to town. The rest of the group went to a larger area of the camp and faced Blackblood, our paladin convincing him to duel only him. While the rest of us fought large Mastiffs and two veteran bandits. The fight with the veterans was not going well, but our paladin dispatched of Blackblood.
The two veterans, seeing their boss being killed, decided no pay, no stay. They tried to leave, and we didn’t let them. We missed ALL opportunity attacks. They disengaged and left anyway. Titan retrieved Blackbloods sword, as well as Phatt’s chalice. And some other goodies. And that’s where we are currently, in Blackbloods large tent. Resting.

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Eldorok 2
Time for a little walk through the woods...

With the death of Blackblood and the bloody raid on his camp, our heroes can now earn their full freedom from Lord Phatt. But the challenge of the Beast, from the Brotherhood of the Hunt, still remains. And what of Jandar and Murray? The mysteries of the forest of Keyloth are about to reveal themselves to our Heroes. Royalty will be met, Beasts will be fought, and the lure of treasures will tempt all.

12/5/15 –
We awoke in the camp of Blackblood, looking around we were missing Ulfgar. Our guess was that he had walked off in his sleep, as he is apt to do. But before we went looking for him, Chratis returned from his quick trip to town. Looking slightly better, even with his bad health. We couldn’t tell much, since he has kept his features hidden within his black robes and hood. But now instead of an owl, he had a new pet. A yellow faerie dragon, by the name of Charr.

We set off to find the supposed “Beast under the Tree”. Upon finding the tree, we discovered that creatures had tried to escape from the cave under the tree. But were dragged back in. We readied ourselves for whatever could be inside. Chratis sent his dragon inside to scout it out, finding a sleeping wyvern. Titan chucked a rock inside to draw it out from its hiding place. The wyvern emerged angry, but we were ready. It tried to fly up for an aerial advantage, but we defeated it before it could get too far. After the battle, we entered the cave, seeking any valuables. Worried about our companions we left, before delving too deep into this cave. But as we were walking from the mouth of the cave, we were transported to an unknown place.

This place was the land of the Fae. We were quickly rounded up by a group of Fae Stags, to be brought before the Fae courts. We could all see the nervousness of the Drow, and she quickly explained why. It showed that she was in great fear, and her information made us nervous of our fates. We were brought into a clearing, full of Fae. Here we found Jandar and Murray. Jandar was tied up, while Murray was in a soundproof bubble. The back history of Murray was explained to us, showing that he really was a great and powerful mage and warrior. And he had killed many Fae, thus gaining him an unordinary death sentence. Of being a skull in a cave for eternity, but how he ended up with Jandar in that certain cave, we do not know. Our charges were levied upon us by Titania, but we were given an offer. Collect a golden apple and water from the grotto, and we would go free with Jandar. We accepted the offer, and Jandar was released to us, receiving back his belongings and Titans bag of holding. We were shown the 2 paths we had to take to get us to the items required.

We first went for the apple in the woods. During our walk illusions attempted to draw us away from the group. Chratis came up with the plan for everyone to look down and away and for everyone to hold a rope to keep each other together. After that, the illusions started using sound to charm us away from the group. But we were able to stay together. A troll was following along behind us, so we tried to trick it by walking backwards while facing it. But the area we were in was space warping. So we ended up back at the start. It was at this point that caution was thrown to the wind, and Titan led the charge. As we fought various Fae came in to distract us and use effects on us. As this was happening, Titan ran forward grabbing the apple hanging from a tree. At that moment reality shifted and we were all standing at the beginning again, as if nothing had happened, and it was all just a dream.

We then took the second route, toward the grotto. As we wound through the dark tunnel, a creature who blended in with the shadow attacked. If we slashed it, it would split into smaller pieces. After a few arrows and magical blasts, we defeated it. We then continued through the tunnel, until we entered a larger cavern, in the middle being a lake. But in the cavern was a handful of menacing figures. Upon closer inspection, they turned out to be zombies of various races, even ogres. We fought against them, and drew them into a tight space. At this point Chratis and Jandar used their magics to blast them all together. Knowing that the lake could be a trap as well, Chratis used his Mage Hand to collect the water into the container. At that moment a water elemental appeared sucking the water back out, forcing the group to fight. Upon defeating it, we were once again transported back to the start of the cavern.

After collecting the Golden Apple and the Grotto Water for the Queen. She allowed us to choose one of the two for one character to consume. The Apple removing any ailments bestowed on us, magical or otherwise. And the water which would undo one decision. We voted on the water and Titan drank of it. His totem animal changed from an eagle to a bear. Once this was finished, she dismissed us.

Branches and vegetation pushed aside by her will, showing light behind us. She told us to take our leave. We walked into the light, appearing in a place which we had never been. A cove, with a ship not worthy of the sea docked in front of us. As well as two creatures. Krillin, a Halfling monk and Rowan, a half elf wizard. Upon speaking with them, they reveal that they are running an errand for someone, and are not exactly sure of their location either. But they were muttering about an old man sending them. Observing their surroundings Chratis sees a note on a boulder not far away and gathers it. He reads it and tells us we should board the ship. Titan asked to have a look at the letter, Chratis refused wanting to keep the secret his own. Titan being an ex-soldier, not liking insubordination, refused to go on the ship and advised the others not to. An argument occurred for the information of the note. Titan revealed that because of his background he demanded the notes information be read by all, not trusting the dark mage. But to Chratis, knowledge was what he wanted, and he liked his secrets. He unwillingly pulled the note out to reveal the message.

“Enter the ship, and you will find a treasure worthy of a King’s ransom. —Silas”

With that, the majority of our party, as well as Rowan, the new half-elf, wanted to see what treasure lay within the ship. Once we approached the dock, however, the skeletons of pirates rose from the sands and shallow shoreline. Three, wielding weapons never before seen by our heroes, cylinder looking in shape, and made of what appeared to be metal and wood. It was soon realized these weapons were not to be trifled with. As a loud boom and fire exploded from them. One, striking Jandar immediately. A battle ensued, and the skeletons were defeated. At this giant crabs appeared on shore heading for land. Mistaking the crabs as a threat, the party attacked.

Wasting no time, Jandar electrocuted two of the three, causing the water to boil. It was then discovered that they were fleeing from the rage of a giant octopus. Two crabs perished, the third continued to flee out of sight. Jandar was quickly grappled by the large beast, as Syn, Titan, and our new Monk Krillin came to his aid, lopping the tentacle off. Although, he was not freed, the severed limb still grasping him tightly.

Jandar managed to free himself and heal himself with one of his potions of healing, then struck out with a cold spell. As Titan and Syn ran up to the docks to fight the beast, Chratis fires a sickly green ray of poison at the beast, killing it.

Our adventurers are encountering more ruthless and powerful creatures and beings. They gather what little they can from the octopus and skeletons. Titan and Tas swim to the sea floor to gather one of the larger strange weapons. The party also manages to retrieve two of the shorter strange new weapons from the crushed bones of the undead pirates. Where the journey has paused for now.

What treasure waits only yards from them? Who is Silas and what is his place in this world? It seems Death will be keeping close watch, if their luck continues the way it has. Could Death be waiting in the ship to grasp one or all of our companions?

Find out next time on Dragon….Ball…..nevermind….


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